As the title states, the last few days have been scattered reading about random aspects of computing. Yesterday was multi-core computing and embedded systems. From a free course (which I can’t link since it’s only for registered users), I learned some of the basics. The interest was launched by a newsletter from, which had the article “The multicore SoC – will 2010 be the turning point?

Side note: and has a good number of free courses on electronics available to registered users. I highly recommend it.

Today, I was looking at what’s involved in porting the Linux kernel to embedded systems. It looks like there are several tools available to help do this. There’s a tutorial called “Build an Embedded Linux Distro From Scratch” on the IBM Developer Works tutorial pages.

According to the tutorial, there’s a tool called crosstool-ng, which can be used to build a tool chain for various target systems, allowing for cross-compiling.

Also today, a visit to the Linux tutorials to learn about the kernel’s memory management.